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Sundays at Petco

Usually on Sundays the family all goes up to the local Petco pet store for adoption day. Wilma and I come along to attract customers. Sometimes they want to adopt us too but mom is pretty quick to say no.

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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Today was great! Wilma and I got to go outside in the backyard and lay in the sun. Mom keeps good UVB bulbs in our cage but nothing feels better than real sunlight. I like to stay on the deck

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Saoirse Marie

This is Saoirse Marie. I had to get a picture of her sleeping since it is the only time she will sit still long enough! She is a baby green iguana. We don’t know her actual age because mom got

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Southern Reptile Saviors Rescue, Inc.

These are my friends. They are the volunteers that make up Southern Reptile Saviors Rescue, Inc. located in Wilmington, North Carolina. That’s me right there in the middle with my mom. Kim is the lady next to mom and she

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This is Wilma. She is a green iguana also. Wilma shares my cage and cuddles with me at night. I’d like her to be my girlfriend, but at 20 years old she is just not interested in that anymore. I

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