Saturday, April 27, 2013

Today was great! Wilma and I got to go outside in the backyard and lay in the sun. Mom keeps good UVB bulbs in our cage but nothing feels better than real sunlight. I like to stay on the deck next to the pool. Wilma likes to explore the plants. Wilma tried to climb a big banana tree. Due to my injuries before I got rescued, I am missing 5 toes out of the 20 I am supposed to have, so it is harder for me to climb trees. I did try to climb the grapevine, but even that didn’t go well. Mom got pictures of our adventures today. In case you were wondering, Saoirse Marie is way too little to come outside and play with us.



388995_4009051283080_95989246_n 935242_4009056923221_655877717_n

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