Meet Lizzy


This is Lizzy. She is about 4 years old and a girl. Mom found her listed on Craigslist and her owners cared enough to turn her over to the rescue. So today mom and dad drove 2 hours each way just to go get her. My parents sure do love iguanas!

Lizzy looks to be in good health so far. She is scared and tries to bite but she doesn’t seem mean. I think once she learns how fun it is here, she’ll stop biting. Mommy made her a big iguana salad with mango and repti-gel, wow Lizzy ate a lot!


I am eager to get to know her and play with her but all new rescues have to stay in their own cage for at least a few days. It helps them adjust to being here and helps mom make sure they don’t have any germs or mites that could hurt the rest of us. I sure hope she wants to play when mom lets her!

Mom says Lizzy will be adopted by a new family when she stops biting. That’s probably a good thing because as much as I like to meet new friends, I’m not sure I’m ready to give up more room on my pillow!

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