R.I.P Spike


This is Spike. He was a bearded dragon. He was the 2nd reptile mom and dad took in after me. He was old when he came here and he had some health problems. His jaw was deformed from malnutrition and he always looked like he was giving you a mean look because of it. He was always really flat and skinny no matter how much he ate. Bearded dragons eat crickets, meal worms, and greens. Spike never learned to like greens, which was part of his health problems. Spike had a lot of personality. Whenever someone asked mom, how is Spike, the only answer was, well he’s Spike lol.


This was Spike and I when he first got here. At first he was nice. After he got comfortable, he thought he was king of the house. If I was out on my pillow and he was out on the floor, he would actually try to challenge me! He would turn his beard black and puff himself up. He even stomped his little feet at me once! I thought it was kind of funny since he was so little lol.

Spike was a happy lizard though. He loved his crickets and the rock in his cage. Spike died overnight in his bed last night. I’m going to miss his silly antics. I know my human little brother is going to be really sad when mom has to tell him. Spike will be forever remembered in our Southern Reptile Saviors 2013 calendar as July…


REST IN PEACE SPIKE. We may have had our differences but you will be missed.

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2 comments on “R.I.P Spike
  1. kj says:

    I’ll miss you, Spike. I’m sure your big brother will too.

  2. Southern reptile Saviors rescue says:

    We will miss you Spike ….

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