Iguana Drama

When I first came to live here I was the only reptile. After a while we got some others but I was still the only iguana. Then mom brought home Saoirse. I wasn’t sure what to think, she was so little. We shared a bath but I never really played with her. Then mommy let Wilma come live with me. Well every one knows how much I love Wilma, so that was great! And as for Saoirse, she was still just kind of there. We let her sit on our backs sometimes and when we’re tired of her we just dump her off. But I don’t really pay any attention to her.

Now that we have Lizzy everything has gone crazy in this house! Lizzy tries to bite Saoirse and Wilma tries to bite Lizzy and I still just want to get close enough to Lizzy to figure out if she’s nice or not. Every time I try to get near her she runs away. I don’t know why Wilma tries to attack her all the time. Wilma used to live with another girl about Lizzy’s age and they were friends. Wilma doesn’t like to admit she loves me but I think deep down she might be jealous of this new girl.

Mom still hasn’t adopted out Lizzy and still hasn’t decided if she wants to. I think mom likes her a lot. But it’s going to be a big problem to keep her if we can’t all live in peace in the same big cage. And now I hear that mom is bringing in 2 more baby iguanas this week that aren’t being taken care of properly. They are supposed to be smaller than Saoirse and she is supposed to try to get them adopted out real fast but with all this crazy iguana drama going on around here, I’m not sure this house can handle any more!

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