This is ‘little bit’. One of our newest fosters. She went to Petco this past weekend and was adopted by a wonderful family who has experience with iguanas. We will miss you little one but we hope you the best with your new family. Mom will be by in a few weeks to make sure you are being well taken care of and are happy. If your new family ever needs anything, we are here to help. I hope you finally get a name! 🙂



This is ‘bigger bit’. She came from the same home as ‘little bit’ but they did not need to be adopted out together. Mom never got a chance to take everyone to the doctor to have them sexed for sure. But we are all going this Friday for a well-check and to sex the little ones. ‘Bigger bit’ is most likely a girl but we’ll see on Friday. She is still up for adoption. She is a little skittish, like most little ones, but she is good-tempered enough to be ready for adoption.

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    I am glad to see that this iguana has found a good home.

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