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Links to Iguana Resources

Melissa Kaplan is one of the world’s leading reptile experts. See her iguana care sheet here. The Green Iguana Society website has some great information but many of the links have not been kept up to date. See their website

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Lunch Time

As iguanas, we usually eat a meal once a day and then maybe a few snacks also. My friends in the wild don’t eat as good as I do. Mom spoils me rotten with her famous iguana salad. Her iguana

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R.I.P Spike

This is Spike. He was a bearded dragon. He was the 2nd reptile mom and dad took in after me. He was old when he came here and he had some health problems. His jaw was deformed from malnutrition and

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Lizzy’s First Day Out

We didn’t go to Petco this Sunday but mom decided Lizzy could come out and explore the house. She got to come out on her own for a while. Looks like she likes it, she’s on my pillow! I can

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Meet Lizzy

This is Lizzy. She is about 4 years old and a girl. Mom found her listed on Craigslist and her owners cared enough to turn her over to the rescue. So today mom and dad drove 2 hours each way

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