More Pictures

58634_10200217707706936_584461975_n My Wilma buried in the sand.


74723_2784756156467_39147608_n This is me floating in the pool.


181408_4041869183507_2104072038_n Mom’s Mother’s Day present. A picture of me of course!


229993_2813700320053_203959739_n Can you find me?


297865_3126676384259_1533206355_n  Feeling very green.


398071_10200217708466955_1256543305_n The sand is fun but the waves are scary!


404151_3016717595358_1035836344_n Peek a boo!


409484_3037892747872_1873145495_n Say cheese.


428170_2440533271110_2072447426_n Love my car rides.


525066_3728448348182_1900922941_n I am handsome iguana man…king of this pillow.


525886_2846709225255_1624216051_n Hey, who is that handsome lizard?


528611_2541463194295_1902088316_n Okay I really didn’t climb into this tree. But I sure do look good in it!


551579_2835520025532_1373930164_n Snoozing with my human brother.

552200_3278834908127_271722756_n Wilma proves she can sleep anywhere…this is actually the candy bowl from Halloween night that mom was using for the kids coming to the door.


599556_2859475544405_2128723424_n What’ll be?


DSC_0113 I even look awesome on a skateboard!


More to come…

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