Happy 2015!

For all my followers… Happy New Year. It’s been a long time since I’ve posted and it’s been super busy around here. We have 12 iguanas in the house now! I love to have lots of friends around but some of them really need to move on to their forever homes. I’m going to take a minute to give you an update on everyone.

Southern Reptile Saviors Rescue – Our rescue is expanding to help reach more reptiles in need. Our house runs the iguana team. Kim and her family keep all the rest of the reptiles in Wilmington and still do lots of educational shows. We have a guy down near Southport now to help out with Brunswick County rescues. And we even have a team who has opened a chapter in Florida!

Wilma – My beautiful Wilma is still queen of the house. She keeps all the other females in line. Last year she laid 52 eggs! None of them were any good but we were all shocked that at her age she could handle that.

Izzy – Izzy is still my arch enemy. I just don’t like that iguana but he has been here a long time and I’m pretty sure mom and dad aren’t going to let him go at this point. I don’t let him near any of my ladies but he seems to be really nice to the baby iguanas.

Leon – We have a new iguana named Leon. He is about 12 years old. When he got here he was really mean, no one could touch him. Mom and dad have been working with him and he is getting a lot nicer. He really needs to find a good home with an owner who give him lots of love and attention.

Dixie – Dixie was here once before. She got adopted out to a really nice guy who took great care of her. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond his control, he had to bring her back. We’re really hoping that he can find a solution and come take her back. We’re going to hold on to her for a bit and give him some time. She’s really nice so we don’t mind.

Rico – Rico is another new rescue this year. He has settled in well and would make someone a great pet. He is silly and forever wanting to sit on top of the cage instead of inside it.

Stevie – Stevie has been with the rescue a long time. She is very small even though she isn’t that young and she is missing more toes than I am! She isn’t crazy about the other iguanas even though she used to live with Wilma over at Kim’s house. But she is really sweet. We hate to adopt her out but if the right family came along, she would probably love a nice quiet home.

Stumpy – Stumpy came in almost a year ago now. He is about 17 years old and is missing one foot. He came from an Oak Island Nature Center where the woman fed all the animals wet dog food. He is all skin and bones and his organs are shot from all the protein. He has attitude and is starting to develop other health issues. But he is here until his quality of life deteriorates too much. He and I butt heads a lot but I have been very tolerant with him because I know how old and fragile he really is. The tortoise Bella just loves Stumpy. They share a bed at the bottom of the cage since he can’t climb. She lets him rest his head on her back when they are sunning under the lights.

Calypso – Calypso is very a pretty Carolina blue iguana. He was turned in as a rescue because he was mean. He isn’t mean at all and even though I’m not crazy about him, mom and dad plan to keep him.

Broach – Our little red iguana is doing great. I like to chase her, which isn’t very nice but it sure is fun for me! She is finally putting on some weight and starting to grow.

JJ – This one is a baby green iguana that we’ve had right at a year now. Her mommy was going to come back for her but never did. While she could use some more handling, she is actually very calm for a little one. She really could use a home before she gets older.

Little One – This little green guy has no name. He was turned in not too long ago with a burn but has healed without a trace of scar. He could use some work on being nice but I think he is just scared because of all the homes he has been in already. He is a really bright green color.

I think that’s all of them, except for me. We have gotten in a number of iguanas this year but we haven’t had many get adopted. It’s so hard to find good homes for iguanas, but if we don’t adopt some out soon, we’re not going to have room for more who need us.

On a sad note, we did have an iguana pass recently. Jessie had been with us for a while. Mom nursed her back from a very serious burn on her back. She became gravid this year and died trying to lay them. It’s called egg binding and happens quite often, especially in younger iguanas. None of her eggs survived and mom was pretty devastated. I liked Jessie too so we were all really sad when she passed.

For me – I’m doing okay. I’m having some problems with my belly but I’m going to see Dr Steve tomorrow and he will help me feel better. I got to go on vacation to the mountains this fall and that was fun, but it was really cold up there! I was happy just to stay in the camper under my lights! I got to go camping several times this past year. I love getting to see new places.

As for mom and dad, they are doing okay. Mom is busy with work and taking care of all of us. Dad is still having health problems so he has been home a lot but he is getting better. We’re all hoping for a less stressful year in 2015, and we’re hoping to find lots of loving iguana homes for all the fosters.

That was a long post but hopefully this year I can keep you updated on all our fosters more often. So please share our name and use the contact us form to learn more – you can even find us on Petfinders.com now!

— Shamus



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