Available for Adoption

As of August 4, 2015 this is who we have up for adoption…



My name is Ghost. Well, not really but I dont have a name so that’s what they’re calling me because I’m pretty good at disappearing. I’m probably just over a year old. I was in a home for about 4 months and I was so scared. They fed me adult iguana pellets and didn’t give me any lights. Now I’m in the rescue and I have a whole room to play in with my new friends and these great warm lights. I’m still really scared of people but I’ll get better. They are almost positive I’m a boy but I’m still too young to know for sure. I’d really love to find a forever home where I can settle down and bond with a loving owner. My adoption fee would be $30.

Little One

Little One

My name is Little One, because I don’t have a real name either. I’ve been at the rescue for several months. I’m still a bit crazy but I’m getting better. I will try to run or tail whip when you first come near me but once I’m in your hands I calm down. I am likely a female and probably around 2 years old. I hang out with the other small iguanas here but I really don’t get along with them. I’d love to find a home where I can get lots of individual attention. My adoption fee would be $30.



My name is Sasha and I am likely a female. I am around 2 years old and I have lots of cool spots all over me. I’m not crazy about people and I’m really good at tail whipping and escaping, but given the chance in a loving home with no other iguanas, I’m sure I would calm down and become a great pet. All I need is a chance and the right family. I love to free roam in my own bedroom. My adoption fee would be $30.



My name is Isabella. I am a female and probably around 3 years old. I should be ready to lay my first set of eggs soon especially now since I’m in this great room with lots of light and humidity. My original owner got me from a pet store but he passed away and I came to the rescue. I’m the newest here and I’m still scared but I have a lot of potential to be an amazing pet. I really just need the right family and lots of love. My adoption fee would be $50.



My name is Izzy and I am about 6 years old. I am male and have been at the rescue for quite a long time now. I was really mean when I got here and I’ve calmed down quite a bit, but I still have my moods. I am very special to mom and dad and they aren’t even sure they want to adopt me out. The problem is that Shamus hates me and has tried to attack me more than once. Even Wilma picks on me at times. I am usually good with the baby iguanas, except when I go into season and become very dominant. I’m a great eater but I have a slight deformity inside my mouth that requires mom to clean the old food out once in a while. I love the freedom of having my own room and I’m really good at escaping a cage if you try to lock me up. The person who adopts me would have to be really special. As much as mom and dad love me, I would probably flourish in a home with no other iguanas. My adoption fee would be $100.

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10 comments on “Available for Adoption
  1. Danyele Osterlund says:

    Hello mu husband and I are looking and have been looking and researching and wanting to adopt a iguana for about a year now. I had a male when I was youmger in 7th grade and I had Bubba until he passed due to old age, when I was a junior in High school. I got him from my science teacher in 7th grade. He was in every since of the word my very best friend. My husband and I are currently almost done building a home for our new baby. The size is 7-8 ft tall, 4 ft wide, 4 ft deep, with lots of different levels to climb and play on. As well as we have already purchused the vitamins and calcium and lights that the iguana will need. Well I am hoping to hear from you. Also I do have a serious medical condition… so I will b home and have all the time in the world to bond with this baby. My home number is 2098529122 or just email me that u

  2. DEBORAH k says:

    Hi I would like to adopt an iggy from your rescue. What are the procedures and is the website current? Also I live in georgia. Thanks!

  3. Corbin Giuliani says:

    I would be interested in adopting if possible . If I could get more information that would be great.

    • Corbin Giuliani says:

      I read some of the comments so if shipping not possible I understand, I am from Ohio 🙂 I hope they all get to find and have a good home

  4. Ricky says:

    I really want one!! I really like Julio and Leon

  5. allisson Hargreaves says:

    Hello your babies are all lovely and soo lucky to have found your rescue!!! What great stories! Id love to adopt!! However im in Canada?an hour North of Toronto. Likely too cold atm to ship. Do you ship? Or wld it be too stressful on the chosen ig?? Ghost is super cute and ive been after a little one for awhile lol. Just didnt want to go the pet store route if i can offer a needy ig a home through rescue i prefer that. I have two males. Ziggy is six and a green. Pretty easy going big guy even though its breeding season lol. Zane is either a green or some sort of red morph? Was listed as a red female but turned out to be male after a good bath and a look see lol. He was in TERRIBLE shape. Poor lad. Were getting there tho!
    Well i look forward to your reply and even if shipping isnt an option it was a pleasure reading their stories and knowing they are safe now 😊

    • Shamus says:

      Hi Allisson, thank you for your comments. I don’t offer shipping currently. I believe it is very stressful on the animal and there is no telling what happens to them during transport. I’m also uncomfortable just sending him off without knowing where he is going. I have so many iguanas right now and no real prospects of homes close by so my shipping policy might have to change in the future.

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