Growing Pains

Running a rescue is not an easy undertaking. Especially when you have limited space and an open door policy.

What is an open door policy? It means we never turn down an iguana in need. We will always find the room for one more. Why? Because the alternative could be a lot worse. At least here they are shown love, given proper care, and fed a good diet.

Right now we have 12 iguanas in residence. When many of them were babies, it was a lot easier. Izzy got along with all the babies and was happy to share the new iguana room with them. Unfortunately, babies grow up LOL. As they grow into juveniles, hormones start to surface and friends are no longer friends.

Izzy has started bullying all the small green iguanas. He doesn’t mind the red and blue (Broach and Calypso) but if you’re small and green, you’re no longer allowed in the iguana room.

Sasha has decided she is going to hang out with the adults in the living room. Rico and Julio don’t like her and Rico chases her quite often. But she never gives up! She keeps coming back and is determined to be accepted.

We put a temp basking area in the master bedroom, hoping the other babies could live in there for a while. But Little One claimed that spot and wouldn’t let anyone else on it. So that leaves poor Ghost with nowhere to go. Poor little guy has been hiding in the iguana room. He sneaks some food and light when Izzy isn’t looking. He seems to be more afraid of the humans than Izzy because he just won’t come out of there.

It’s starting to feel a lot like a having a house full of teenagers! They even eat non-stop like teenagers do!

But with all the drama and constant rearranging to make sure everyone is healthy and happy… we wouldn’t trade it for the world!


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