Feeding Doesn’t Have to be Difficult

Foraged food

Foraged food

Feeding 12 iguanas can feel like a big task. Everything you need to feed your iguana can be found in the grocery store produce section. However, that can get expensive after a while. So what’s the best way to save some money and still give your iguana great nutrition? The answer is right in your backyard.

The best advice I can give anyone with more than 1 iguana is to grow a garden! Even if you just have a porch with room for a few containers, growing your own greens or veggies can save you a fortune. At our house, we have a dirt garden and a hydroponic garden. The hydroponic tubes are awesome for growing greens.

Another way to save money on iguana salad is to learn which weeds they can eat and how to identify them growing in the wild. Everyone hates a dandelion in their yard – except iguanas! Dandelions are super foods to iguanas. The greens and flowers are edible and can be found in abundance much of the year. Just don’t go picking them out of the neighbor’s yard unless you know they haven’t used any lawn/weed treatments. We actually use the seed heads that show up in the spring to grow dandelions in pots much of the year. They do amazing in the hydroponic tubes also!

At least once a week in the warmer months, all 12 of the iguanas here get a completely free lunch out of the backyard. The above picture shows the last one they got. It includes herbs and dandelion from the dirt garden, different types of greens from the hydroponic tubes, banana tree leaves, grape leaves from the muscadine vine, wild mint, and wild dollarweed.

Learning to forage for a day’s lunch is not only a great way to save a buck but it can be a lifesaver on those days where you realize you’re out of veggies and can’t make a run to the store!

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